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A bundle containing both the Golden Glow E-Book & the MUA Resources


'Get the Golden Glow' your ultimate guide to achieving a flawless, natural-looking golden glow. 


Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, this e-book is a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their makeup game.


I share the techniques, products and tools I use to achieve this look, as well as tips on choosing the right products and tweaking techniques to master them. 


Oh and I chucked in a cheeky fillable shopping list to add to and take with you on your next shopping venture! 


Let's get glowing!! 


A resource pack for MUA's to save time and save the pressure of remembering a million things!


Included is

A Restock form


A fillable form designed to be used when you finish a prodct, or see/hear of something you want to try.


Open this form and pop it on the empties list. Then when you’re ready to hit the shops (or websites) open your checklist and check the items off as you go!


Seperated into 4 major makeup retailers and other options, it allows you to put the product under the store you need to buy from for smooth running restock days!


Kit Prep Checklist


I basically wanted to create the Makeup Artists equivalent of taking a photo of your hair straightener to remind you that you turned it off!


Every Makeup Artists worst nightmare is rocking up to a job to realise they forgot their brushes (or something else of great importance)! This list ensures thats never you!


Seperated into 4 essential categories to ensure nothing is ever forgotten and that you're always the person on any job when someone yells out “hey does anyone have (insert essential item)” you say “I DO”!


Makeup Trial Checklist


A fillable form for makeup trials.


Broken into categories with enough space for product names and details etc and a notes section for info such as allergies, product preferences etc so we always have something to go back on.


Refer to this form prior to the event date to refresh your memory on the clients desired look and make sure your kit is stocked (if not, pop it on that shopping list!)


Also able to add to if you hear from the client at a later date and they wish to change something, so easy!.


When I said forget nothing, I really meant it!!

E-book & Resources bundle

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